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Trail Ratings

We want all of our guests to be informed and prepared before booking and enjoying a tour. We have created a four-tiered rating system to help our guests match their skill level with one of our tours. If you have any questions about what to expect, don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email. 


These are you basic trails that range from maintained dirt roads to mostly smooth trails  with some climbs, rough patches, and shallow sand. Many obstacles and rocks are avoidable, but you may encounter shelves, rocks, and ledges up 8 inches in height. Riders who want to increase their skills can practice on the optional intermediate obstacles found throughout these trails. As with all of our tours, the ride is half the experience, the breathtaking sights is the other. 



Rocky trails with shelves up to 16 inches in height, tight turns, steep/loose hill climbs, deep sand, and stretches containing multiple obstacles linked together. All intermediate trails contain mostly easy riding with occasional obstacles, many of which can be avoided. The trail speed of intermediate tours is significantly faster than beginner tours.


Sections of very rough ground with shelves up to 24 inches in height, multiple difficult obstacles linked together, very long and steep rocky/loose hills. Advanced tours often ride on intermediate level trails but at a much faster pace and thus travel many more miles than intermediate tours. Electric start motorcycles are recommended on advanced trails.  



Very few trails earn this rating from us. Notably the world famous 5 Miles of Hell among a handful of others. Expect extreme obstacles more than 24 inches in height, near-vertical climbs, multiple advanced obstacles linked together, steep hills containing advanced obstacles. These trails are only for the very best riders. If you are unsure if you can handle these trails, we recommend you book an advanced tour and we will tell you honestly if we think you can handle an expert tour on a return trip. Electric start motorcycles are highly recommended on expert trails.

Training Courses

We offer dirtbike skills training to help people improve their riding ability. Check our Slickrock Obstacle Training Course page for more information

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