Slickrock / Obstacle
Dirt Bike Training Course

We offer dirt bike training courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. This course takes place on 100 acres of slickrock with just about every type of obstacle you will encounter on trails in Utah. We match training sessions to the skill level of each rider. Often guests schedule a training to learn skills and a trail ride to practice those skills. 


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This is probably the most undervalued technical dirt bike skill. Just about every time a dirt bike is tipped over, improper balance is the culprit. Luckily, it is also the easiest skill to practice. We teach balancing skills both on flat ground and in combination with obstacles of varying difficulty.


The Wheelie

A properly-timed wheelie can be the difference between clearing an obstacle or landing on the ground. You might be thinking, "I can't wheelie" or "My bike can't wheelie." Yes, you can and yes, it can. In fact, you need to learn it if you want to progress. We are not talking about riding around on your rear tire for fun. We are talking about getting your front tire off the ground with just the right amount of height to prepare for an obstacle.


A properly executed jump is as good as a piece of raspberry cheesecake slathered in a caramel sauce. We teach trail jumping, not race track jumping. The combination of correct speed, throttle control, and body positioning allows riders to drastically increase their trail riding experience. 

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Drop Offs

This is a variation on jumping where there is no takeoff incline. The trick is to elevate the front wheel just enough to keep the bike from tilting forward before the rear wheel reaches the drop off so that both wheels hit the ground at the same time. This skill is amazingly fun and, when properly executed, is much safer than trying to slowly ride down a shelf one wheel at a time. 

Body Positioning

The difference between good riders and great riders is body positioning. Technical riding is a total body workout because you must continually adjust your position forward or backward to place your weight where it needs to be to absorb impacts, gain traction, or finish an obstacle. 

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Clutch Control

Improper clutch work is the single biggest deficit holding riders back from their full potential and many do not realize it. Your clutch is the link between your engine and your rear tire and understanding how and when to use it will allow you to store engine momentum in your flywheel, eliminate wheel spin, and avoid lugging out. This skill more than any other helps advance intermediate riders into advanced riders. 


For us, obstacles are what dirt biking is all about and the end goal of all of our training sessions. To navigate advanced and expert obstacles, riders combine balance, wheelies, jumping, body positioning, and clutch control to execute the perfect finish. This course takes place on over 100 acres of slickrock with countless obstacles of every type and difficulty. No matter your skill level, we can help improve your ability to tackle obstacles.  

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