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Dirt Bike Training Courses

We offer public dirt bike trainings for private group trainings beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. Proper dirt bike training will teach you how to ride safely and help you know exactly how to approach obstacles on the trail. A single day of targeted training is worth a year or more of figuring out things on your own. These courses take place on 100 acres of slickrock with every type of obstacle you could want.

Private Training Courses

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Interested in a training course that is tailored to the skill level of you and those you ride with? You have come to the right place. We train private groups any day but Sunday and we  an accommodate group sizes from 1 to 12. Contact us to schedule a day

(435) 749-9136 (Josh)

(435) 749-9657 (Brett)

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Public Training Courses

Periodically, we offer dirt bike skill trainings that you can simply sign up for and attend. This is a great way to practice with a group of riders who are at the same skill level. If the dates below don't work for you, contact us to schedule a private training.